Labour’s Plan to Make Work Pay | HR Training Workshops In September

5 Jul, 2024 | Training Workshops

We are planning short training workshops throughout September to prepare employers for the probable changes in employment law that are planned by Labour, as set out in their manifesto aim to ‘deliver a New Deal for Working People’.

The cost per delegate will be £85.00 plus VAT per delegate, with an early bird £10.00 discount for bookings made before the end of July. 

Small group workshops of a maximum of 8 people will ensure time for questions, discussion and practice.

  1. The proposed abolition of the requirement to have two years’ continuous service before being able to make an unfair dismissal claim. means that you will need to really sharpen up the way that you manage probationary periods, as well as the way that you deal with, and document, capability and performance concerns once the probationary period has ended.

Labour want to make the right not to be unfairly dismissed a day 1 right.  They say: This will not prevent fair dismissal, which includes dismissal for reasons of capability, conduct or redundancy, or probationary periods with fair and transparent rules and processes. We will ensure employers can operate probationary periods to assess new hires. However, the changes will help to ensure that newly hired workers are not fired without reason or cause and will help drive up standards in workplaces.

Book on to our Managing Poor Conduct or Performance workshop so that you can develop your own policies and procedures to handle this change. See the September dates below.

  1. The abolition of the first three ‘waiting days’ for SSP.  We don’t know yet whether there will be any concessions for small businesses, or a reinstatement of the ability for small businesses to claim back some of the cost of SSP, but as well as the likelihood of the increased financial burden of managing sickness absence, it may also to give rise to an increase in short term sickness absence if employees know that they’ll be paid from the first day of sickness.  Employers will need to deploy all the best absence management controls to deal with this fairly and consistently.

Labour says: It is simply unacceptable that the safety net of sick pay should not be available to those who need it most, and so a Labour government would strengthen statutory sick pay, remove the lower earnings limit to make it available to all workers and remove the waiting period. We will ensure the new system provides fair earnings replacement for people earning below the current rate of statutory sick pay.

Book on to our Managing Short Term Sickness Absence workshop so that you fully understand the best ways to handle excessive absence fairly and consistently. See the September dates below.

All workshops will be at the Northgate Business Centre, 38 Northgate, Newark, NG24 1EZ on the following dates:

No need to provide names yet, just email indicating which dates your delegates could attend, and we’ll liaise with you to finalise the dates and bookings.

05/09/24Thursday09.30 to 12.30Managing Poor Conduct or Performance
06/09/24Friday13.30 to 16.30Managing Short Term Sickness Absence
09/09/24Monday09.30 to 12.30Managing Poor Conduct or Performance
11/09/24Wednesday13.30 to 16.30Managing Short Term Sickness Absence
16/09/24Monday09.30 to 12.30Managing Poor Conduct or Performance
18/09/24Wednesday13.30 to 16.30Managing Short Term Sickness Absence

If you’d prefer to join an online workshop, or if you’d like a workshop tailored for your organisation, just let us know.

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