HR Partner Package

Does some of this describe you?

The business is growing, and so is the HR admin and the HR headaches

It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the employment legislation changes

You may need someone to support managers with the HR administrative tasks and keep them on track

There isn’t always the knowledge or confidence to deal with the trickier HR problems that crop up

The business isn’t ready to set up its own HR function yet

It would be great to partner with an HR team who knows your business, cares about its success, is pro-active in supporting you and there when you need them (but not when you don’t!)

Here’s what one of our clients has said about us:

“The seamless, always available support is outstanding, making Camino an important and integral part of our business.”

If that’s what you need, read on!

If it’s more occasional support that you’re looking for have a look at our HR Consultancy option.

Our outsourced HR service

We’ll help you to manage all things HR, from administration and day to day HR matters, to HR strategy or complex HR problems.

Exactly what you’ll need from us will depend on the complexity and nature of your business, the number and type of employees and the degree of involvement you’d like from us.

We’ll discuss in detail the type of support you’ll need, then set up a service level agreement that can be reviewed, tweaked or completely overhauled as your needs change.

The cost for our HR Partnering service will depend completely on the level of support that you need from us.

To give you an idea of what we can do for you, have a look at Our Services.

Using Breathe HR Software

All your employee data will be held on Breathe HR software, which you and your employees will have access to.

It is a secure way to store employee records and documents, request, authorise and record holidays and other absences, keep training and performance records and give your employees access to your HR policies, procedures and other useful company information.

If you already have an HR software system, we can use that instead of Breathe.

No long term tie-in

The initial agreement will be for a minimum of 12 months. After that we can discuss whether you want to extend it.

Don’t want to commit to 12 months? Have a look at our HR Consultancy service, it might provide what you need.

If you’re new to us, it starts with a free HR health check

We need to make sure that all your policies, procedures, terms and conditions are sound and in line with the way we would want to work with you.

If they’re not quite right, we will quote separately for getting them compliant, or you may prefer to do any work yourselves to bring them up to date.

The HR Health check is also a good way for us to get to know each other. At this point you are under no obligation to contract with us, we hope you’ll like us and want to continue, but maybe it won’t feel right for you.

You’ll still get the benefit of the free HR health check!